We want Justice: Doctor Priyanka Reddy raped, murdered and burnt in Hyderabad

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Women in India are still not safe in the country. Just like an usual day, veterinarian Priyanka Reddy was on her way to veterinary. Little did she know that she will never return back to her home.

A young and successful doctor, Priyanka Reddy, a 26 year old was way back home. She was brutally raped, murdered and was burnt to death by a group of men.

They reportedly stopped her near the toll plaza at Shamshabad and told that the scooter tyre was punctured.

Addressing the media, Reddy’s sister told that she was scared at a telephone call around 9.30 PM at night. That was the last time when she heard her voice.

Reddy said to her sister, “Please talk to me for a while….I am scared.”

Her phone was switched off immediately after her family contacted police.

Dr Reddy’s body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad near the Chandanpali village in Rangareddy district on 27th November. She was missing since that night.

“You please keep talking until my scooter comes back. They are all waiting outside. You please keep talking to me, I am scared,” she urged her sister. Soon, with a promise to call her back soon, Dr Reddy hung up the call. When she failed to call, their family went to search her near the toll plaza, but unable to locate her, the family contacted police. By next morning her charred body was found.

The police have arrested four people in connection. Md Pasha, Naveen from Gudigandla, cleaner Kesavulu, and an assistant named Siva have confessed to their crime.

Reportedly, the culprits had doused the body after raping the doctor and later on they come back to the spot to ensure that her body was charred beyond recognition.


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