NRC Final List Out Tomorrow: Here’s How To Check Your Name

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The Final List of National Register of Citizens (NRC) will be out tomorrow. Ahead of the publication of the final list, the Assam government is taking stock of the law and order situation of the state.

The final draft was released by the government on 30 July, 2018, at all NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) across the state. In the final draft, of the 3.29 crore registered names, as many as 40,07,707 applicants found their names excluded.

Out of the 40.37 lakh applicants who were not included in the draft list, 36.2 lakh have claimed inclusion. On 26 June, 2019, the NRC authority published an additional draft exclusion list, where an additional 1,02,462 persons were included in the list of excluded persons, taking the total ineligible persons to 41,10,169.

The final NRC list will include the names of all Indian citizens who have been residing in the state before 25 March, 1971.

Public who may check their final NRC status if they:

1) Submitted a claim upon not being included in the final draft list (published on 30 July, 2018)

2) Were excluded in the Additional Draft Exclusions List (published on 26 June, 2019)

3) Had any objection filed against their inclusion

4) Were called for hearings held from 5 July, 2019 onward

Public who are included in final NRC and may not check their application status if they are:

1) Included in the final Draft list

2) Not excluded in Additional Draft Exclusions List,

3) Not called for hearings held from 5 July, 2019 onwards.

Steps to check if your names have featured on final NRC list: 


Citizens who want to check their final NRC status in an offline method, can visit their respective NRC Seva Kendra/Office of Circle Officer/Officer of Deputy Commissioner and check their names in the Supplementary Inclusions List on all working days from 10 am to 4 pm.


1) Log in to websites – or

2) Look for link that says “Supplementary Inclusions/Exclusions Lists (Final NRC) status”

3) Type in your Application Reference Number (ARN) to check if your name has been added to the final NRC

After 31 August, online facility will reflect the result of any change in status from Complete Draft NRC for claimants/objectees/any member included in Draft but were called for any hearing held on or after 5 July 2019 4.

The status of all NRC applicants will be available online from 7 September, 2019.


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