Who is responsible for the large number of deaths of immigrants in detention camps??

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The Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said that 28 detenues have died either in the detention camp or the hospitals where they were admitted from the year 2016 to 13th October, 2019.

The Minister also said, “ No one died due to the any pressure or any fear, they died due to illness. And for any illness related to the patient, there were doctors and treatment facilities made available.”

The detion camps were set in the year 2008. It has been criticized for violating the basic human rights and forcing people to live in worst conditions.

According to the report maintained by the CJP coordinator in Assam, Zamsher Ali, almost 29 people died including the most recent death of Nikhil Barman in Goalpara camp.

Addressing to the media Ali asked, “Of the 29,26 detainees died after the BJP’s Sarbananda Sonowal came to power in Assam. The detention camps have been running since 2008, but we didn’t see so many deaths during the previous government’s rule. Why has it increased during the BJP period?”

Former bureaucrat Harsh Mander, after visiting the detention camps in Assam said, “All this creates an environment of intense, permanent sadness. It is an elementary knowledge that physical health is closely related to mental health. It was like everyone was in mourning. When I visited, after the women realized there is someone who is there to listen to them, there was a mass mourning, they started wailing.”

Mander said, “The fundamental right to life, assured under Article 21, applies not only to the citizen but to all residents, including foreigners. The state is responsible for them whether they are citizens or not.”


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