“Wages of tea garden labours should be enhanced” : Ripun Bora appeals State Government

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In the Rajya Sabha, Congress MP Ripun Bora, has requested the government for introducing a special package to resolve the tough situation of the tea garden labors.

Bora pleaded that even though the state government is facing fund crisis, the Central government should grant some special packages.

He said, “ There are more than 1000 tea gardens in Assam, and nearly 14 lakhs  tea garden labourers  are earning their livelihood from these tea gardens. While prices are going up, the tea garden laboures are paid only Rs 160 a day which is a very meager amount.”

He also stated, “Even the States have their own minimum wages. But, in Assam, in the year 2016, when the congress government was there, Rs 351 had been fixed as daily wages for tea garden labourers. Later on, it was approved by the wage board also. But, subsequently, in 2016, the new Government of BJP came to power in Assam.”

It is a matter of concern that the management groups have not bothered to increase the wages of the tea garden labourers. It has been three years that the Government has changed but Rs 351 as the daily wages has not been incremented.


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