“BJP is biased and partial” : Voters Party International

khobor northeast

In an attempt to preserve the Assamese culture, the Voter’s Party International held a protest on 28th November. Bhartiya Janata Party has always claimed itself to be very cultural and strives to preserve the heritage of the country. The Voters Party International opposes against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

With the beginning of the winter session of the parliament the president of union body, Lalit Pegu, has announced a two-day protest at Dispur.

Addressing to the media,he asked, ” India is democratic and secular country but how is it fair to support only one community?”

He also stated,”Such a step will create a chaotic situation in the environment of the country and destroy the unity and peace.”

In the event, Tararuni Basumatary said that theĀ  Government should take proper initiatives towards the flood problems of the state.




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