No Its Not Any Pond Or Pothole, It Is the NH27 Between Jatinga and Harangajao

No Its Not Any Pond Or Pothole, It Is the NH27 Between Jatinga and Harengajao

The Silchar-Saurashtra East West Corridor’s NH27 has become a field for limitless corruption. After spending so much money the highway has not yet been constructed properly. Even after 8 years of construction work, a stretch of 25 kilometers between Jatinga-Harangajao remained in the most deplorable condition. National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has not been able to make the road move able for even a small vehicle and leave alone calling it a National Highway. People have alleged that the contractor association and NHAI is carrying out a big corruption here. As a result of which the so called Highway between Jatinga-Harangajao has turned into a pond. Where a herd of buffalo is seen saving themselves from the scorching heat.

In the year 2011, a multinational construction company, JKM Infra, took the responsibility of constructing the Jatinga-Harangajao National Highway. But, the company JKM, after working for 5 years, took crores of rupees by providing fake bills, but in reality 5% of the work was also not done. Although at a point of time, the companies working in this Dima Hasao had a common excuse of extremist problems and after that they gave excuses of Geological issues. In the same way, it is seen that, JKM have also given excuses of Geological issues when it came to the construction of Jatinga-Harangajao National Highway. As a result of which, the Highway has turned to death trap.

It is to be mentioned here that, on 13th of April a meeting was held at the District Commissioner’s office by the DC Amitabh Rajkhowa where NHAI’s Guwahati Regional Officer General Manager, Sushil Kumar Verma and NHAI Haflong’s Project Implement Unit’s Project Direct, Kargey Kamki and Indigenous Students’ Forum (ISF) President, David Keivom was also present. In that meeting NHAI’s GM, Verma assured the DC that steps will be taken immediately to renovate the Jatinga-Harangajao Highway, but no steps have been taken so far.

On the other hand, authorities are also silent regarding the renovation of Jatinga-Inrim Banglow Road. Last year the responsibilities for the renovation of the Jatinga-Harangajao road was given to a Silchar based construction company named Laxmi Motors but no works were done. In such a situation, the biggest question is that, when will be the highway construction works in Dima Hasao begin? Because the government doesn’t seem to be sincere regarding the highway construction works in Dima Hasao. In the past five years Modi Government has not taken any steps regarding the development of the highway. As a result of which, the public is suffering.


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