“The truth alone shall win, BJP’s game ends here” : NCP Chief Spokesperson Nawab Malik

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The  State of Maharashtra is at a confused situation. The reflection of state of NCP depicts its confusion. The Supreme Court has directed the Maharashtra Government for Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to prove his part of majority.

The viral message said, “ While NCP was creating an alliance with Congress and Shiv Sena , NCP formed Government with BJP. But NCP claims that they were not aware and NCP cheated NCP; however, NCP is not angry against NCP and will not take any action against NCP, but wants NCP to come back to NCP. So they requested Supreme Court to disallow NCP to form government and allow NCP to form government.”

The Apex court has also ordered that the voting will not take place by secret ballot. The trust vote will be live telecast and will be presided over by a pro-team and a interim speaker.

The NCP’s chief spokesperson Nawab Malik tweeted after the apex court gave its ruling, “ Satyamev Jayate BJP ka khel khatm” referring that the truth alone shall win, end of the BJP’s game.

The Apex court also directed Governor Koshyari to ensure that all elected members of the House are sworn in on Wednesday. The entire exercise will be completed by 5 pm in the evening.


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