IIT Guwahati researchers working towards coronavirus vaccine , creates prototype mask


Amidst, the world pandemic, coronavirus, the world is suffering with over 4,00,000 infected people across the globe.

With no vaccine or antidote available, the medical professionals working in the frontline are finding it difficult to treat the massive number of affected people.

Bringing a ray of hope, a team of IIT Guwahati researchers, led by Prof Sachin Kumar, are working hard to develop a vaccine against the virus. As per reports, along with the vaccine, the team is trying its best to curate kits to ensure rapid  diagnostic of the virus.

Moreover, another team from the prestigious institute led by Dr. Supradip Das, has developed the prototype of a Faceshield or mask as per World Health Organisation (WHO)’s guidelines which will help the medical workers while dealing with such patients.


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