Akhil & Co. geared up for series of protest against giving away of Assam Oil Fiedls to FOREIGN PRIVATE COMPANIES!


Akhil Gogoi and KMSS prepared to stage series of protest against the decision of the central and state government to give away the oil fields of Assam to private foreign companies. The series of protest will start from 28th of December. They will stage their protest in Moran and also Duliajan.

Adressing the media, Akhil Gogoi said, “Already Tengakhat and jurabat oil field has been released for bidding . The bidding price has been announced as just 5 core rupees to one Singapore and two American conoanies. Under production enhancement programm the bidding of the oil fields of Assam have already started and is under process.”

Gogoi also said that the last date of the completing the tender is 31st of January and the last date of submitting the money is fixed on a historic date of 18th January.

It was the same 18th january when in the oil revolution in Assam happened and four revolutionaries were fired. Uproar was heard with the slogan TEJ DIM TEL NIDIU (WILL GIVE AWAY OUR LIVES BUT NOT OUR OIL FIELDS ) happened . And it is the same day when the last date of submitting the money for the tender is being fixed.


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