JATINGA: The Valley Of Death For Birds

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Jatinga, a small village on a ridge located 9 kms away from Haflong, the district headquarters of Dima Hasao is commonly known as the valley of death for birds.

The place is famous worldwide for ‘The Bird Mystery’. Here the birds come from different places to commit suicide. It is a natural phenomenon nobody has been able to explain. Not only the migratory birds, but even the local birds do the same.

The phenomenon happens every year in the late monsoon months between September and November and ideally the phenomenon is seen between 7 pm to 10 pm. So, the coming three months will be the right time for a quick vacation to Jatinga.

Locals have been witnessing the eerie phenomenon from September to November for the last couple of years. As the sun sets, hundreds of birds descend on the village and fly full speed towards buildings and trees, crashing to their deaths. The repeated episodes are confined to a 1.5 km strip of the village. They consider the coming of the birds a gift of the Gods. This valley falls on the migratory route of locally migrating birds. This is how the villagers get the opportunity to trap them. But still these birds come here every year and get trapped.

The real reason behind the Jatinga bird’s suicide phenomenon cannot be confirmed as there are different reasons cited by the researchers.



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