Manipur Government planning to legalise Ganja or you may say ‘Cannabis’!

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s government is planning to legalise Cannabis solely for medicinal and industrial purposes. The Chef Minister stated this during a press conference held in Saturday to announce a new program under the ‘Start-up Manipur’ scheme.

While the Great Legalisation Movement taking its momentum around the country to legalise cannabis as it has a lot of medicinal values and can generate a huge revenue for the country, the Chief Minister of Manipur also said that legalisation of Cannabis is one of the ideas being considered to help boost the revenue generation of the state.

“Our revenue must be strong. Moreover, Cannabis grows in the wild abundantly in Manipur and this can be used for extraction of hemp oil which is known for its medicinal property”, Singh said.

As cannabis is already been legalised in most of the countries , Biren Singh Pointed out that other states like Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand have already legalised Cannabis for medicinal purposes, the Chief Minister appealed to the people to extend their co-operation.


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