“I Am A Follower Of Shiva, Shiva Is A Tribal God And Also A Musician”: Zubeen Garg

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Zubeen Garg is in Sibsagar from past three days for the promotion of ‘Kanchenjunga’ scheduled to release on 6th September.

Seeking blessings for the success of ‘Kachenjunga’, Zubeen along with team ‘Kachenjunga’ worshiped at the historic ‘er’ temple of Sibsagar.

It is to be mentioned here that, a few days back the entire Brahmin Samaj was agitated at Garg for his comments on the Brahmin Samaj and the sacred thread they wear. Although, later on he has sent written apology to the Brahmin Samaj and the matter came to an end.

Zubeen worshiped at Shivdoul of Sibsagar and seeked blessings from the Brahmin there.

There Zubeen said, “I love Shiva! I have used Shiv Mantra in my movie Mission China, and Himalaya Mantra in Kachenjunga! Shiva was a Tribal God! Shiva was a musician as well as a dancer.”

Zubeen also said that he loved worshiping at the Shiv Mandir of Sibsagar and will make his next movie at Sibasagar.


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