Swastika Acharyya – Model of The Week


I am Swastika Acharyya
I hail from a small city which is also known as the knowledge hub of Assam, Jorhat.
Born and brought up in a join family i learned to believe in togetherness which can make a person happy in his entire life

I believe that i am a simple girl with a positive attitude and also have a BEAUTIFUL SMILE THAT can spread happiness everywhere..

I choose to be a model because from my childhood when ever I used to watch television, I used to get inspired by the beauty of all the women and I think KhoborNortheast is the best platform for me also to show my beauty and my abilities to the world.

I think the responsibility that I have is to guide the future generation in a proper way.

I will not say that I  have achieved success but i always try to shine bright and keep going towards my dreams with optimistimism.

Lastly I would like to say that women is the best creation of god which everyone should appreciate,  because there is a saying that

“behind every successful man there is women”
So let’s celebrate the beauty of a women


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