Assam’s Roopa Baruah wins international award in her documentary ‘Daughter of the Polo God’.

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Roopa Baruah starring in the ‘Daughters of the Polo God’ recently won the best documentary at the 19th Annual New York Indian Film Festival ( NYIFF). The documentary was set in Manipur. The documentary is about saving an endangered breed of pony and women empowerment in the sport of polo at the same time.  

Roopa Baruah is a very talented actress, filmmaker and producer born and brought up in Assam. She represents the entire Northeastern region through her various works and projects.  She did numbers of documentaries and short films. ‘Riders of the Mist’, ‘ Sisters of the Trees’ and ‘Daughters of the Polo God” are some of her outstanding documentaries.

Roopa Baruah addressing the media said, “A young polo sisterhood is developing in Manipur that ploughs on in spite of adversity and political turmoil. They are intensely connected to their scared Manipuri pony and play an international tournament every year. My film is a tribute to these polo players, the modern Manipuri women and the pony campaign.”

The actress also stated that the modern polo started in a remote corner of the Northeast and has been nurtured there for centuries. She also mentioned that it took 4 years to shoot the documentary.

On being asked about her other women centric works, she said that she only looks for good and unique stories which boosts the environment and society.


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