“We will strengthen our social media presence”: Atul Bora


On the advent of 2021 Assam Legislative Assembly Elections, the Asom Gana Parishad (A.G.P) members conducted a meeting in their Ambari office today. The sister organisations of the party, Youth and Women Parishad took part in the meeting to discuss & strengthen the preparation strategies of the party for the coming elections.

Adressing the media the party president Atul Bora said,

“We have called this meeting to discuss our approach for the coming elections. We, as a party, have many active members across entire Assam. With their help and a strong social media presence, we hope to reach the masses this time!”

He also added,

“Previously, we have won many times in 84 constituencies across the state. In some of the constituencies, we have even came out victorious for 4 times! So, we are hopeful.”

When asked regarding the Filmfare event, he responded,

“Filmfare will bring profit to Assam. Even two Arab investors who previously did not even know about Assam, expressed their willingness to invest here after the event.”

The party also invited various ‘Namotis’ on the occasion and it uplifted the entire event.


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