Aimee Baruah got to perform in the Filmfare because of her Minister husband? See what the ATDC chairman has to say.


Shri Jayanta Malla Baruah, Chairman, Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. along with other officials in a press meet today, addressed the people of Assam regarding the successful completion of the Filmfare awards. The 65th edition of the prestigious award ceremony was held in Sarusajai, Guwahati on February 15th with the presence of many prominent faces of Bollywood. It is to be noted that, for the first time, the popular Bollywood award show was held outside Mumbai.

Mr. Baruah told the media,

“I WANT TO THANK THE PEOPLE OF Guwahati and Assam for the successful completion of the award ceremony. It is their love and support that made this event successful .”

He also thanked journalists, various officials of the different departments of the government, artists and audiences who took part in the event, organizers, political parties, other various organizations for their support. He said, if someone got missed out from the credit, he would like to thank them too from the bottom of his heart.

“The event was broadcasted in Colors TV yesterday. The “awesome assam” promo was repeatedly telecasted in between the show. since colors charges approximately 2 lakhs per day for such extensive promotions, this award show helped us in promoting assam in the national platform while spending less money.”

He said there was an exception in this years’ show,

“keeping our request, in the history of the Filmfare Awards, the presenter of the ‘black lady’ on the stage wore traditional ‘Bihu Dress’ of Assam”,

He further assured the people of Assam that the money assigned for the show was spent judiciously and no misuse took place in any aspect.

Regarding the controversies surrounding the poor dance performance of Aimee Baruah, the renowned Assamese actress, the chairman said,

“Aimee baruah has her own identity in assam. Before marrying Pijush Hazarika also, she Had a prominent hold in the Assamese film industry. These controversies are coming from pEople who can’t even dance. Moreover, it is impossible to accommodate each & every artist of assam in one event.”




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