If you think ‘Corona’ is a virus, you are wrong!-“Corona is an Avatar”, Hindu Mahasabha President

Image Credit: Citizen Matters

The All India Hindu Mahasabha and its astonishing statements are becoming an everyday phenomenon now. Starting from recommending “Gau Mutra” to cure corona to honouring the ‘Jamia shooter’ as ‘true nationalist’ the organization never fails to shock the country with its controversial statements.

Recently, the National President of the All India Hindu Mahasabha repeated the same with another statement regarding contagious ‘Corona Virus’ that is creating health hazards across the globe.

The president said,

“Corona is not a virus. IT is an avatar that has emerged to protect the poor creatures & to punish their eaters.”

While the entire world is fighting to cope with the sudden outbreak of the deadly virus, this statement from the organization has created a stir in the entire nation. According to Swami Chakrapani, the National President of the organization, the corona is inevitably an ‘avatar’ that’s sole purpose is to teach the Chinese people a lesson for torturing animals. He gave the analogy of Lord Narsingh who took an avatar to kill the evil.

He further added that to get rid of the situation, the idol of Corona must be established by the Chinese premier Xi Jinping and the people of the country should bow down in front of it to ‘seek forgiveness’ & should pledge to not harm any creatures in the future.

As bizarre it may sound, he firmly believes that this is the only way to calm down the resentment of the deadly ‘avatar’ as well as to ensure its return to its own world!

Swami Chakrapani further went on to assure the believers in ‘Gau Raksha’ of no chance of getting affected by the deadly ‘avatar’.

On a the global front, the novel coronavirus has affected a total of 69,268 people worldwide (as of Sunday).


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