India below Pak, Nepal and Bangladesh! Stands at 102 out of 107 Countries in the HUNGER INDEX!

khobor Northeast

Today is World Food Day and 9 out of 10 people around you will again sleep empty stomach in India!

A recent report released by two international non-profit organisations that work for humanitarian aid it has come to light that India is even behind its neighbouring countries Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan which tracks hunger and malnutrition.

It must be mentioned that India has seen a constant fall in the rank in the last few years. India ranked 55 out of 76 nations in 2014, 100 out of 119 countries in 2017, and 103 out of 119 countries in 2018. This year’s report calculated the index from a sample of 117 nations and India came on 102.

The Global Hunger Index scores countries on a 100 point “Severity scale”, where zero is the best score and 100 is the worst. As per that , India is worser than the worse and scores 102 out of 107!



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