Hijab Made Compulsory In A School In Barak Valley, The Decision Was Withdrawn Later

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Hijab was made compulsory for all girl students at East Point Public School, Karimganj. The School is accreditated under secondary education board Assam and is located in Bahadur Shah Jafar Road Kanishail Karimganj

The decision was taken by a teacher named AB Hannan, who after taking the decision wrote on a Facebook post ,” To protect my students from evil eyes and as apart of best personality of girls , today I made compulsory wearing Hijab for all my girls students at East point public school, Karimganj.”

His Facebook post, received mixed feedback. While some appreciated the step, others criticised it terming it a narrow minded act. A meeting was then called by the management and decided that the step to make Hijab compulsory should be withdrawn immediately and Hannan was instructed by the management to delete the Facebook post and issue a formal apology on social media.


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