Is not it worth that you advised someone something specific to do in case of a overbearing stress condition and his stress relieved to such an extent that He or She stops doing a extreme step in life which may be He or She is thinking into the deep corner of his mind ..this may help to save a life!

Is not it a self satisfaction other than saving a life?

But one may think…is it so easy to Save a life when one may already decided to end his life because of inbuilt stress developed for so long silently inside ….its burden has become so unbearable inside  mind that  He is almost at the point of NO RETURN! So??

So, is it easy to save a life in that situation?????

Yes..of course….!

Its actually so easy!

For this ..we have to study a bit about how a human mind works and stress developed and its  time now to go a little extra miles to earn some knowledge first..

Yes, ,its knowledge about our inner mind  and once , we acquire that knowledge..I am sure ..we will definitely take charge of our own life and which in turn will help us to take control of our inner mind

And….then miracle starts happening with our inner mind as every stress situation we can handle our self so easily that all those stress< anxiety, sadness builds up inside we can deal it, better it can be said we can divert be more specific, we can reframe the situation in such a way that our inner anxious world calms down to a great extent! And Result???

We can save ourselves or save a life ….!

Human psychology is a very very complex subject and not going into the depth of how all those dangerous anxiety condition builds up..if we can instantly know how we can  handle it to recover  very fast from  such a situation without any medication with some simple NLP Technique, I assure , we can take charge of our life to such an Extent that we can save another  Bidisha Goswami of Assamese/Hindi Movie fame or Guwahati based IAS officer  Mukesh Pandey  from committing suicide…( we are not explaining details about these two great personaility as suicide news already went viral in social media).

Yes..this way..we can save a life…!

Having said that about NLP, lets know a bit about NLP.. Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP can be defined as the art and science of excellence (consistently repeating results, unconsciously and automatically), and the study of how language and perception of external events affect our behaviour. It is based on something called modelling; the process of duplicating ‘excellent’ behaviour to create the same result, e.g. learning to drive requires you to go through certain processes in your mind and body, such as ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ until it becomes automatic and habitual.


NLP was created in the 1970’s two men, Dr. Richard Bandler and Mr. John Grinder, one a linguist and the other a computer programmer. Some of the original models of communication they developed were influenced by therapists including Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt therapy) and Virginia Satir, a family therapist.

NLP claims to provide simple, powerful methods for changing behaviour and producing results through the use of various techniques. It is used in business, education, training as well as therapeutic applications.  It teaches you new patterns of excellence through modelling those who are successful in different aspects of life, such as health, career or personal well being.  For example, if you wanted to learn how to run a great business, you might choose someone such as Richard Branson as your model to work from.

Once you get a life of your choice, do you think,   you will ever think of finishing your own life ?

I have little doubt!

She is Amanisha ( original name changed).Class IX student. She had a problem with her best friend Marina ( Name changed)  because of some misunderstanding. Amanisha is mentally too disturbed and to add fuel to her mental condition, marina got highest marks in science in next half yearly exam which made Amanisha,s life miserable. Condition became so vulnerable that Amanisha could not  even take her food in time  and she became insomniac. Her performance in study also deteriorating with each passing day. Even, her teachers and others friend started bullying her as she was a  bright student. Problem persisted more as she could not share her condition even with her mother as her nature is a bit introvert. A stage comes that she often thinks of committing suicide.

Somehow, matter came to our knowledge. Rather than asking all about her story,  Amanisha was given a two hour session and she was perfectly all right. Even, her misunderstanding with Marina became normal. Amanisha was instructed to seat on a triangular three chairs pattern. Before sitting, she was asked to sing her favourite song  with small jumps on the floor. The purpose was to made her stress level go down so that she could be brought to a empowering and relaxed  state I meant she be at her best mood. The, she was asked to seat on a chair and imagined that her friend Marina was sat on next chair. Amanisha Was asked to tell Marina what she felt about Marina and expressed all her feelings towards her friend. Once amanisha finished, she was asked to seat now on the  Chair where her friend Marina was sat as imagined.

Now, Amanisha was now  asked to feel herself as Marina and from Marina,s view point, asked to talk Amanisha imagining  Amanisha was sitting on the other chair. Interestingly, this time, Amanisha imagining herself as her friend Marina told different story about her feelings towards  Amanisha. Once Amanisha imagining herself as Marina finished talking to imaginary Amanisha, the session was ended and it was asked to Amanisha how was she feelings now about her friend Marina.

The most amazing part is, this time, Amanisha,s answer was different towards her friend Marina. She felt inside that it’s not because of Marina only  she built up resistance towards Marina and Instantly her whole perception towards Marina got changed and she even took initiative to say sorry to her friend Marina and they again became good pals.

And end Result? Amanisha got recovered from her mental condition and she scored good In her next exam!! Later on, she never feels to take extreme steps as she takes charge of her mental condition whenever she feels  low with simple NLP technique.

In this amazing story of Amanisha and Marina, what we did.

We simply use an NLP  technique whereby you imagine yourself stepping into another person’s shoes (almost like empathy) and take on their own model of the world and borrow their resources such as feelings  that you might want to adopt for yourself; or to learn a way of doing something, such as to be more confident doing a presentations.  You can also use this technique to go back into your own past and utilise feelings/behaviours that you have and imagine yourself stepping back into that time and bringing those into the present or future time where they can be used again, by using a Meta Model as often termed in NLP.

To put it in a more simplistic way, NLP  teach you to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and show you how thinking and behavior patterns are causing symptoms, rather than the events themselves.  Quite simply, they say, if you change your thoughts, you can change your world, and create new choices in how you respond.

And Voila!

Once you can adopt this in your most anxiety state, Do you think  you will take that extreme step to end everything? I am damn sure, you won’t!

By next time, we will discuss another most effective technique of NLP-Anchoring!



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