Karbi Youth Festival starts today: 5000 artists to take part

Image Credit: nenow.in

The 46th Karbi Youth Festival (KYF) begins today. The grand festival will celebrate the ethnicity and cultural diversity of the Karbi tribe. As per the schedule the festival will end on 19th February.

The Karbi Youth Festival is known to be one of the oldest ethnic festivals of the Northeast region. Being initiated in the early 80’s, this festival has now successfully secured national and international attention by beautifully showcasing the folk culture of the Karbi tribe spreading all across the various Northeastern states of India. Like every year, the festival is going to take place in Taralangso, situated at the outskirts of Diphu town in Assam.

As per the information given by the organizers, around 5000 artists will be participating in the event this year. KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang  along with other Karbi kings, Karbi organizations will grace the celebration. Norway-based Elizabeth Meadow, who is well-known for bringing the Karbi cultural ethnicity into the global platform through photographs, is also confirmed to be attending the event.

The organizers have also put real efforts in keeping the environment unaffected by the festival. Dustbins produced from Bamboo have been placed across the entire venue. The participants are highly requested to maintain cleanliness by not throwing any garbage in the premises.


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