Attention tax-payers!Your PAN Card may become invalid soon.

Image Credit: Business Today

It is a well-known fact that the IT department of India has been requesting the people of the country to link their PAN cards with Aadhaar card. But every time, due to a large number of ‘left out citizens’, the deadlines had to be extended by the government.

But this time, in a recent official release on Friday, the Income Tax Department, stated that if the taxpayers fail to link their PAN cards with their Aadhar cards by March 31, 2020, their PAN cards will become inoperative.

The official statement said,

“March 31, 2020, deadline will not be extended.”

As per reports, a total of approximately 17.57 crore PAN card holders are yet to link their PAN cards with the Aadhaar card.

This new step is very vital, especially for the taxpayers as according to the Income Tax Department, 18 financial transactions required the details of the PAN card mandatorily for each & every individual.

To link the Aadhaar with PAN card, the citizens can visit the e-filing website of the IT Department. The linking can be done using or without using log-in credentials.

The notification of the IT department said,

“PAN and Aadhar linking is a must for filing Income tax Returns,” 


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