Good news for tea lovers! “Bhut Jolokia” tea is now in the town !

khobor Northeast
Bringing you a good news for the people of Assam, for whom “Saah Khaba(Do you want Tea)?” is not even a question!  Now giving you a change to your taste buds, a guwahati based tea company “Aromica” has now launched “BHUT JOLOKIA TEA”, apparently meaning- tea mixed with Bhut Jolokia, considered to be one of the hottest chillies of the world.
This is a first of it kind and  this Aromica Fiery Tea from Tender Buds Teas and Crafts comprises but Jolokia blended with organic black tea. Blended and thrashed in the ‘Dheki and also dehydrated lemon and ginger powder.
To be mentioned, Bhut jolokia (Capsicum chinense) was named as the hottest chilly in the world in 2007by Guinness Book of World Records.  It later lost its position to an US variety called Carolina Reaper.


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