40 City buses seized in Guwahati- New operation of the transport department reveals shocking facts!


To check the present scenario of the city bus facilities in Guwahati, the Transport Department yesterday started a new operation. A team comprising Commissioner and Secretary, Transport Department Dr KK Dwivedi, Commissioner Adil Khan along with other department personnel, took bus rides yesterday on 13th of February without disclosing their identities to check the real picture of the city transport system. The primary objective of the bus ride was to check whether the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act were followed by the buses of the city.

The operation revealed some shocking findings:

  • The city buses were found to be violating government rules by carrying passengers without any permit. It was also found out that due to the increasing number of such non-registered buses, serious traffic congestion takes place in various vital parts of the city.
  • The bus conductors were taking the fare without issuing any tickets to the passengers.
  • The seats solely reserved for the senior citizens, women and specially-abled were mostly seemed to be occupied by other passengers.
  • The bus conductors were not paying any attention to the safety of the passengers. The doors were mostly left open even on a moving bus.
  • The buses violated the set wait time of 2 minutes at every stop.
  • Most of the buses were found to be violating the rule of “rear door entry and front door exit”.

Commissioner Adil Khan stated that as many as 40 vehicles were seized during the entire operation. Moreover, an on-the-spot fine of approximately Rs. 32,000 was imposed for violating safety rules.

The findings revealed by the transport department shows the poor regulatory transport system in the city. Such operations are much needed periodically to check whether the safety standards are met by public transport vehicles or not.



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