Frogs That Were Married For Rain, Divorced To Stop It

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A pair of frogs that were ‘married’ in Madhya Pradesh in July to appease the rain gods have been ‘divorced’ owing to incessant rains.

According to a report on DNA, locals in the state had married the frogs on July 19 to appease Lord Indra and bring the blessing of rain to the state. However, owing to the rain that has struck the state, the amphibian couple was split apart.

The divorce was carried out by Om Shakti Shiv Mandal, the body that married the frogs according to Hindu customs in the first place. With the frogs separated, locals are hoping that the rains will recede.

The frog marriage was not restricted to just Madhya Pradesh, as Karnataka also saw one such ceremony to appease the rain gods earlier this year.



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