“Modi is trying to be the dictator in the largest democracy! Himanta is adding Manure to it,”Tarun Gogoi

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As the first phase of Lok Sabha Election has already got over in Assam and Northeast, the political parties have already geared up for the next phases.

Ex Chief Minister, A senior Congress leader, Tarun Gogoi while addressing the media today at Guwahati said that,” There is no Modi wave this election! India is beautiful and unique for its unity in diversity! But the saffron party now are trying its best to bring communal violence between the people of Assam and India on basis of religion! Modi is trying to be a dictator in a democracy! Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Morarji Desai didn’t do that! But the liar incumbent Prime Minister Modi does! However, Himanta Biswa Sarma is adding maximum manure to its policies!”

Gogoi said that the incumbent government in Assam is just beating around the bush about the things which the congress started! They have only changed their names and stamped it as BJP’s contribution!.”

Talking about the most important issue of this election CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT BILL , Gogoi said, “AGP-BJP alliance will sell Assam! The party which led the Assam Agitation, getting into an alliance with a party which is firm to bring the Hindu illegal immigrants , what else is left for the people to understand what this party AGP can do!”


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