NDFB factions united- Unity and harmony prevails over ideological differences


Keeping in mind the importance of unity for the overall development of the Bodoland, the four factions of the NDFB have decided to put aside their differences to come together as one group today. The first preliminary meeting among the four groups of the NDFB held on February 8 followed by the second on February 11 at Gwrwbtha farm (Bijni).

The four groups collectively took some major resolutions to ensure the betterment of their people and place.

It is to be mentioned that the four groups were prominent signatories of the MoS signed on January 27 this year. Hence, in accordance with the MoS, they resolved to abide by all the clauses of the MoS to grow together and to reach the ultimate goal of attaining harmony and peace throughout the land.

They also put light on the communal harmony of the Bodo and Non-Bodo people of the land which is inevitably essential for the development of the BTR. To achieve this goal, they have appealed to all the organizations, political and non-political parties to unite and support each other for the sake of the overall growth.

This step taken by the NBFB is a very positive sign in the direction of peace and harmony in a critical political scenario where the entire state and the country is thriving for unity and communal consonance amongst the people.


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