“Arrests cannot stop the strong momentum of Anti CAA protests”- Youth Congress state president Kamrul Islam Choudhury out from jail


Youth Congress state president Kamrul Islam Choudhury today addresses a press meet at Rajiv Bhawan after coming out from jail yesterday night. The youth congress leader was reportedly arrested on 23 January by the Dispur Police. He was arrested on charges of his alleged involvement in the violence that occurred in the Christian Basti area of Guwahati on December 12, during the Anti-CAA protests.

The panel of Rumi Kumari Phukan granted him bail and the police released the young leader yesterday night at around 10 pm.  In lieu of his unfair arrest, today the press meet was organized at the premises of Rajiv Bhawan. While addressing the media he said,

“The arrest was unfair. the cid failed to show any evidence against me. they are trying hard to keep the leaders of the congress party away from the protests as much as possible. But the more they try to keep us away, the more we will make the protest stronger.”

Recalling his stay in the jail, he told the media that the police had detained several innocent people who were not involved at all in any protests and were unable to reach their respective homes due to the ongoing protests on the 11th of December,2019.

He further says,

” the violent visuals of that day showed clear involvement of bjp personals.the police have several footages of that day, which are not published yet. The bjp should address the media by showing those actual visuals carrying important pieces of evidence.”

While asked about the controversial statement made by the AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam about the Ahoms not being indigenous people of Assam, the Congress leader said that whenever the people of the state wake up against the BJP, they intentionally try to divert the actual burning issues of the protests with the help of such controversial statements made by politicians. According to him, Aminul Islam made such a controversial statement on clear provocation from the BJP.

The leader further added that now the Anti-CAA movement will attain its maximum momentum as his party members will organise awareness meetings across all the districts of the state against the controversial act.

The statements of the leader clearly imply that the Anti-CAA protests will be again on track. What the future unfolds is unknown yet but the government should pay heed to the actions of the police to make it fair detention so that innocents can be spared and only the real culprit can be put behind the bars.




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