All eyes on the North-East once again!- World’s largest cave fish found in Meghalaya.


The world’s largest cavefish is found in the Um Ladaw Cave, in the Meghalaya state of northeast India. As per the reports published in the, the locals also confirms witnessing the presence of the newfound cavefish in Chympe cave where waterfalls cascade into a subterranean pool.

Ecologically this fish holds a lot of significance. As scientists & researchers say, usually the cave fishes are known to live in permanent darkness without any proper availability of food or prey. Hence, till now such fishes are always found to be pretty small being only about a few inches long.

But this newfound blind cavefish is unexpectedly bigger in size (nearly a foot and a half in length) and weighs about 10 times more than any known species. Scientists are hence wondering how a fish thriving inside a dark cage with a scarcity of food is able to grow so big!


It is said that this unique fish was first discovered by biologist Daniel Harries during a 2019 expedition. He shared his amazing first experience after discovering the fish,

“My first reaction upon seeing the fish myself was, I’m going to need a bigger net.”

This new finding has raised several questions like how the fish maintains its size, what they feed on and how they’ve adapted themselves to live in these extremely extensive and deep caves. Though the fish is apparently blind and eyeless, it still has some ability to sense light.



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