Price of LPG cylinder sees a massive price hike Overnight !Goes upto Rs. 915 in Guwahati


According to ANI reports, Just after a massive win day for Kezriwal and his goevernment for the third time in Delhi,  the price of LPG  cylinder rose by Rs 144.50 and reached upto Rs 858.50.

A sharp hike of Rs. 144.5 after its last revision on January 01, 2020.

In Kolkata, the LPG cylinder price is now at Rs 896.00, up by Rs Rs 149. The price of the 14 kg Indane gas in Mumbai is at Rs 829.50, up by Rs 145.

Meanwhile the current price of LPG in Guwahati stands at Rs.915 which was earlier Rs. 765.50, a sharp hike of Rs. 149.5.


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