Marble Durga Idol To, A Step Towards Saving Nature!

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A Durga Puja Committe in Noonmati has taken an unique initiative of worshiping Maa Durga’s marble idol. This will avoid water pollution in Brahmaputra river during the immersion of idols.

The idol donated by a city based man, has been installed in the Durga Temple. The idol weighs 800 kg, has been made in Rajasthan and costs Rs 8 lakhs.

The temple management also informed that they will ban the use of plastic inside the temple premises during Durga Puja.

The new Durga idol has been set permanently in the temple and only the earthern pot will be immersed on the day of ‘Bishorjon’.

Every year many idols are immersed in the river and the colours, baked clay, plaster of Paris etc. pollute the river. So, it is advised to avoid use of these materials and use natural materials.


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