Lost lights- Fireflies on the verge of extinction!


“You would not believe your eyes

If ten million fireflies

Lit up the world as I fell asleep…”

— Owlcity(fireflies)

Fireflies on the verge of extinction? Planet Earth abounds with natural beauties. It has a magical aura and would be incomprehensible to unravel the secret incidents used by the Almighty while creating them. Just like music, nature soothes us and seeps tranquility into the soul. Creative people pen remarkable pieces of poetry to glorify and immortalize their admiration for Nature. After much effort, daring photographers capture stunning images of exotic sights that leave us with awe and wonder.

Many are familiar with the first three lines of the song ‘Fireflies’ that I have quoted at the very outset. This widely popular song has stolen innumerable hearts; mine too! Lightning bugs or fireflies are endowed with a specific gift. You have seen its tail that shines in the dark. If you go out without a torch, fireflies are a better option to guide you through a dark night.  I vividly remember those days of my childhood when I saw them playing hide and seek among the reeds and flying freely over the green paddy fields, meadows and pastures. I would like to share something that happened recently. While I was enjoying the moonlit night, I saw a firefly lying on the grass, struggling hard to fly. Though it was fighting against its incompetence, it could not fly as one of its wings was badly hurt. That one firefly deserted by the rest of its group has compelled me to contemplate how people have affected the communities of beautiful fireflies somehow. Regrettably, one does not see the fireflies often. Unfortunate are the ones who haven’t had a chance to see that breathtaking sight when fireflies come out of their hidden places in the night and illuminate the hazy surroundings.

Cities are not mostly inhabited by fireflies. Indeed, you cannot see them in rural areas too.  Where are they? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Is it possible that they have gone into hiding somewhere, terrified of the darker side of human action? Sadly, they are not hiding in unexplored places. The population of the fireflies is decreasing day by day. Who is to be blamed? Of course, the ‘civilized’ human beings. People strive to make their lives better and easier, but without giving a thought that the world where they live in is not exclusively theirs. Men, animals, birds, plants and other tiny living organisms are a part of a beautiful ecosystem.

Nature is not a human invention. Therefore people do not have the innate right to do any harm to Nature. A day is sure to come when creatures like the fireflies and other endangered species will become extinct, available only in printed words, photographs and the internet for the future generations. Rather than waiting for the apocalypse to arrive, let us all do a little research on how to save them and give our efforts selflessly. After all, who wants to miss out on those neon lights in the dark night?


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