Gauhati University’s protest at Saraighat ready to rewind the history!!!

khobor nrtheast

The students of the Gauhati University have come forward protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Bill. The protest will take place from the said university to Saraighat Bridge on Monday dated 9th December. It is the same bridge where the Ahom fought against the Mughals and made their victory as a historical mark.

The students of the university is ready to set an examples to the youths of Assam.

Reportedly, the students have burnt an effigy of the Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal in a protest recently.

Addressing the media, Gauhati University student said, “If the Citizenship Amendment Bill is implemented in Assam then it will lead to an undemocratic situation in Assam.”

“We don’t accept the Citizenship Amendment Bill. We are telling to the government that this bill should not be implemented in Assam. Otherwise, there will be a huge identity crisis in Assam,” he added.

 Two students from the university were seen cutting their wrist. They could be seen writing the slogans with their blood. It said, “We will fight with all our blood and strength. We will make historical marks but we will not accept Citizenship Amendment Bill.”


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