Langting Irrigation Campus Gets Life After 20 Years

Langting Irrigation Campus Gets Life After 20 Years

Contributed By
Pankaj Kumar Deb
Correspondent (Haflong)

People of Langting expressed satisfaction as with the initiative of Executive Member, N C Hills Autonomous council and also the local MAC Sri Golonjo Thaosen the Langting Irrigation Campus is going to get a new life after two decades.

One of the most important departments in Langting area was almost defunct as the staffs abandoned the campus following deteriorated law and order situation earlier and the Army was sheltered in the campus.

To revive the department, EM Thaosen held a meeting on Tuesday with 42 staffs of the department and assured that he would move the high ups to get this department revived in full. He instructed the SDO to start the office immediately at this campus and others thing would be taken care by the NCHAC along with the state government.


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