Guwahati: Shweta Agarwal’s Murderer Sentenced To Death

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Shweta Agarwal’s murderer Govind Singhal awarded death sentence by a fast track court on Saturday.

Singhal was the main accused of the murder and his mother and sister Kamla Devi Singhal and sister Bhawani Singhal respectively were sentenced to death.

The crime took place on 4th December 2017 and while investigation, Govind Singhal confessed to the murder and explained to the police the pre and post-murder circumstances and how he later tried to cover up the murder by putting the body into a gunny bag and then also chose to burn it.

Shweta Agarwal was then a B.Com 5th semester student. Shweta went to meet her boyfriend Govind at his residence in Shantipur.  However, both picked up a fight on the issue of the marriage and out of anger Govind smashed her head into a wall. Then he chose to burn her.

As per police reports, Shweta died after her body was set on fire by Govind, his mother and his sister.



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